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Seed Hawk has worked in conjunction with the University of Saskatchewan's Computer Science Department to develop the new SCT Savings Calculator. The Calculator is a virtual seeding system that allows you to choose a quarter or section of your own land and customize your inputs. This simulation "seeds" the land using Sectional Control Technology and calculates your potential savings.

Step 1 of 7: Enter Closest Town or City
Step 2 of 7: Field Selection
Step 3 of 7: Seedable Area
Step 4 of 7: Unseedable Area
Step 5 of 7: Toolbar Size and Seeding Direction
Step 6 of 7: Review Percentage Overlap and Seedable Land
Step 7 of 7: Results

Total Acres:
Overlap Percentage: %
Overlap Costs:


headline Pass Of Drill
Headland pass of drill (2 rounds)
Pass Of Drill
Pass of drill
double overlap-
Double overlaps